What to know about Porn Addiction?

my_pussy_The pornography addiction is often discovered by a third party, a spouse, friends, the family. The accumulation of behaviors at risks makes that the addict shows and is taken. He always leaves traces. It is a form of call for help, an unconscious request for aid.
Sex can draw away very far and justice can be at the end of some extreme behaviors.  The request of care and especially the recognition of the sexual addiction is already a step towards healing. There remains the good therapist to find, the sex therapists are for some very well formed in additive pathologies. But let us be conscious, it is difficult to perform a step to regulate or even to wean of sex! What is in work in sex it is first impulses of life even if death wishes are never very far.
There are not still magical pills but medicament which lower the threshold of anxiety and of stress sometimes are to prescribe to accompany the patient who wants to take out. Laboratories are very busy and there are new molecules already as the addiction in the alcohol.
What are different stages to be crossed up to healing?

Major stage is the recognition of the addictive pathology by very subject, and not only by its circle. The abandonment of denial and acceptance of frustration are the base of the treatment.
Sex is the “bed” of all impulses of life and of death which lives in the human being throughout existence then let us try to keep it “possible”, because it is necessary for the balance of life. Abatement must come from inside to be conjugated with an external object, reverses not it! And the sexual act, when it takes the form of an object dopes, go to disclaim the subject which will be “used «. We must treat our patients so that they could acquire a sexual health and why accompany not them by an analytical reflection towards a spiritual equivalent. It is our ambition that to offer according to every patient a peculiar therapy so that he could find the way which will lead him in better knowing at first; then in second time to find a balance without which they are always on the thread of the razor! In language DSM (psychiatric language): the borderline!
They note that the addicts sexual patients often do not cross the threshold of psychoanalyst’s offices because they are in denial and find it difficult to accept dependency and alienation. On the other hand, they hear physical suffering. It is often thanks to a real incident on the body that they can become aware of their addictive behavior and damaging consequences which result from it.